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CVK Solar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is one of the very few consulting as well as Solution Providing company in the country having a very sound team of experts blended with practical experience and in-depth knowledge in respect of development of solar scenario in India as well as World and Indian solar market research, Central Govt., Rajasthan Govt. & other state policies, State Regulatory Commission orders, CERC orders for different schemes, MNRE Guidelines & schemes including Govt. Producers CPSU Phase-II Scheme, National Solar Mission and RFS of NVVN, Rajasthan and other states, SECI tenders for CPSU phase-II scheme for allotment of VGF to Govt. Producers

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Demonstration Project of Rooftop Solar Plant

Our Solar plant will be demonstration solar Rooftop Project which take care of tailor made rooftop design on your house

Use of High Efficiency Modules

Lesser Space for higher capacity with higher generation and size, solution is cost effective. AC & DC connection, Proper Earthing for interrupted performance during life.

Smart Design & Plant

Very Elegant and aesthetically design and placement of equipment, high strength structure to take care wind forces and Branded material.

Recommendation by experts

" " M M Vijayvergia has expertise in design of EHV substations up to 400 kV and procurement of substation equipment. He has field experience in construction, operation and management of transmission system. He has acquired expertise in Renewable Energy Generation during tenure in Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation. I recommend him for consultancy on these subjects. ""
Shanti Prashad Joshi
Independent Electrical Professional
" With Support of M/S CVK Solar, L&T has commissioned the 12 MW solar plant at Dabari and 4 MW solar plant at Dariba, in Rajasthan on 25th & 26th March 2017 Respectively. The consultancy services provided by CVK Solar were found Excellent. "
K Vellaichamy
L&T Construction
" Many thanks for the courtesy extended to me during visit at your office. Your expertise is appreciable for renewable energy system and words fail to describe your contribution to save this planet. You are one of the most knowledgeable personality in this industry. There is lot of expectations to us from your professional approach. Quantum of respect in my heart has no limit for you. "
J.P Gupta
Vice President
WAAREE Energies Pvt. Ltd.

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(+91) 141 2365505 / +91-9982044488 / +91-9950611113,15 / 7340024336,38


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