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Development of 1 GW to 10 GW Solar Park

A) For Development of 4500 MW (4.5 GW) Renewable source i.e. Solar & Wind Energy Park in Rajasthan for HMEL (HPCL – Mittal Energy Limited) work order executed for following scope of work (Already completed)

  • Review of Rajasthan Solar Policy 2019, Wind Policy, Hybrid Policy in respect of 4500 MW Renewable Energy
  • Review of Section 10 of Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme
  • Review of Customised Package under Clause11 Act the Rajasthan Enterprises Single Window Enabling & Clearance
  • Review of Various Proposals Submitted by Solar/ Wind Power Developers to Rajasthan Government and Various decisions/actions taken by BIP for their proposals
  • Review of proposal & associated Documentations for Development of 4500 MW Renewable Energy Park by HMEL for submission of application for customized package to the Commissioner BIP (Bureau of investment Promotion), of Rajasthan. Udhyog Bhawan, Jaipur
  • Discussions with HMEL officers on Virtual Meeting Platform
  • Finalisation for Proposal for submission to the Commissioner, Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP), of Industries GoR
  • Organizing & conducting meeting with The Commissioner, BIP for presenting & expressing HMEL interest in Developing 4,500 MW RE Solar Park in the state of Rajasthan, if a customized package is approved by GoR for HMEL. Thus, establishing confidence in BIPS for speedy approval of HMEL’s “application & Form C”
  • Organizing & conducting meeting with Director (Technical ), Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL) for presenting & expressing HMEL interest in Developing 4,500 MW RE Solar Park in the state of Rajasthan
  • On Submission of final application & relevant form to HMEL for seeking customized package from BIPS, Jaipur for 4500 MW RE Solar Power Park in the state of Rajasthan as per scope of work
  • Subsequent assistance to HMEL & follow up with concerned agencies regarding approval of customized package for 4500 MW RE Solar Power Plant in the State of Rajasthan

B) CVK Solar Team under leadership of MD have expertise in development of 1GW to 10GW Solar Park and can provide complete guidance, support and consultancy for stage by Stage development of 1 GW to 10 GW solar Park in Rajasthan in respect of following.

  • Over all planning of 1GW to 10 GW Solar park having solar plants
  • Consultancy services for stage by stage developments of 500 MW solar plants in GW Solar park
  • Assistance in preparation offers and computation in tariff rates to be quoted  in tariff based bidding of SECI/NTPC/States for allotment of solar plants
  • Support in online tariff based bidding  stage-2 till selection in allotment of solar plant capacity and support in power purchase agreement
  • Formation of most technical specification of GW size Solar plant
  • Assistance in preparation of bidding documents and evaluation of bids and signing of EPC Contract agreement of solar plant
  • Overall planning of Power evacuation system of 400 kV, 220kV, 132kV GSS for Solar park
  • Local representation for Solar plants & Solar Parks in Jaipur
  • Local representation in Rajasthan, India
  • All type of consultancy  for GW Solar park in Rajasthan
  • Land for solar park:- Assistance in identification of Govt. land & allotment in different stages
  • Land for solar park:- Assistance in purchase of Private Land for solar park near to GSS
  • Applicability of Supreme Court Decision for Solar plants & Power Evacuation system regarding Godawan, Great Indian Bustard (GIB) & Lesser florican in Western Thar Area of Rajasthan
  • Open Access of solar energy from captive solar plant to Load Point
  • Banking of solar energy under Open Access for solar captive plant
  • Checking of feasibility of power evacuation from solar plant to load point
  • Preparation of Project report for  GW size solar park including Power evacuation system and solar power plants
  • Registration , Approvals , NOCs, for GW Solar Park
  • All types of assistance for approvals of Solar parks and Solar plants from RRECL
  • All types of approvals from STU, Discoms for power evacuations and commissioning of GSS and Solar plants
  • Assistance in Project Registration , Approvals , NOCs, Commissioning Committees for stage by stage commissioning of Solar plants
  • All types of Rules and Regulations applicable for Solar plant and Solar parks
  • Coordination with RRECL , RVPNL, Discoms , Power Grid , MNRE etc
  • Arranging in Load flow Studies, System Studies, if required
  • Assistance in Design & Drawings checking of EPC contractor
  • O&M planning of stage by stage expansion of solar plants
  • O&M planning of solar park, GSS & Transmission line

C) CVK Solar Team under leadership of MD have expertise in Design & Planning of economical Power Evacuation System of 400kV, 220kV and 132kV Transmission System having GSS and Transmission Lines for 1GW to 10GW Solar Park and can provide complete guidance, support and consultancy for stage by Stage development of 1 GW to 10 GW solar Park in Rajasthan in respect of following

  1)      Power Evacuation Planning for 1 to 10  GW Solar Park

·        Planning of 100 MW, 200 MW, 300 MW sizes of Plots in Renewable Energy Park

·        Line Lengths & Selection of Voltage of transmission lines & their interconnections to GSS

·        Locations of 132kV, 220 kV, 400 kV GSS (if required)  

·        Numbers of 132kV33kV, 220/132/33kV &400/220/132kV GSS

·        Switching Scheme of 400kV, 220 kV and 132 kV Yards

·        Single line diagram of 400kV, 220 kV and 132 kV GSS

·        220 kV bays in 220kV Yard,132 kV bays in 132 kV Yard, 33 kV Bays in 33 kV Yard

·        400kV Bays in 400 kV Yard

·        Lightning Protection Scheme Design  

·        Overall Substation Lay out planning of 220 kV, 400 kV and 132 kV GSS with various voltage levels in each GSS

·        Layout plan of 220 GSS

·        Section Diagrams of 220 kV, 132kV bays of 220 kV GSS

·        Control, Relay and Protection Scheme of 220kV, 132kV System in 220 kV GSS

·        Substation Bus bar design viz Main Bus bar, Bay bus bar design in 220kV yard, 132kV yard in 220 kV GSS

·        Control Room Planning and layout

 2)      Substations Design & Planning

           Selection of Switching scheme

·        Ring Bus/ Single Bus/ Main Bus/Transfer Bus/ Double Bus/Double Main Bus and transfer Bus / one & half breaker

                  Selection of System Parameters for transmission evacuation system

·        Voltage level 11kV, 33kV, 220kV, 132kV, 400kV

·        BIL, SIL, Fault level

·        Short circuit & Normal current rating, bus bar ratings

           Design  based on Short circuit current capacity &  selection of Conductor, tube etc for

·        Main Bus Bar, Equipment Bus Bar, Transfer Bus Coupler Bay, Transformer Bay, Main Bus coupler bay, Reactor bay, Power Capacitor bank Bay

                    Design after consideration of Phase to Phase, Phase to earth safety clearance

·      Height and spacing in R, Y, B phases of Main overhead bus bar Main, Tubular Bus bar, Overhead bus bar for equipment connection, Over head Connections. Equipment Bay: Equipment to equipment spacing in R, Y, B phases, Equipment Bay: Spacing between two equipment in same phase and interconnections between bus bars & Equipments

           Location of equipments based on space optimization and protection scheme

·         Circuit Breaker, Isolators, CT, PT, LA, Transformers, wave trap, Main Bus Bars, Transfer Bus Bar

                      Design of Protection Scheme

·         To takecare faults in Transmission lines, Main Bus I Protection Scheme, Main Bus II Protection Scheme, Back up Protection Scheme, Transformer Protection Scheme, Reactor Protection Scheme, Bus bar Protection Scheme, Ground mat design, Lightning Protection Scheme, Lightning mast & Earth wire, shielding from Lightning

D) CVK Solar Team Leader expertise in Design & Planning of economical Power Evacuation System of 400kV, 220kV and 132kV Transmission System having GSS and Lines for 1GW to 10GW Solar Park.

M M Vijayvergia & Others (RRECL, BCB)

  • Determinants of Success for Promoting Solar Energy in Rajasthan, India :Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 (2012) 3593- 3598 :- Scenario of Solar Power plant Development in Rajasthan  
  • Practical Approach to 400 kV Substation Design, CBIP Proceedings of 51st Research and Development Session, January, 1984 Vol.II :-  Design concepts for 400 kV Dehar Power Plant GSS &  400 kV Panipat GSS, Beas Construction Board (BCB)
  • Electrostatic Field effects in the shops and houses coming under 400 kV-Dehar-Panipat line- Irrigation and Power Journal Jan., 87
M M Vijayvergia (BCB, RVPNL, RRECL)

  • Design of Modern 400 kV Substation, Irrigation and Power Journal, January-April, 87 : – Complete Design Concept of 400 kV Bhiwani GSS
  • Consideration of short circuit Forces in Mechanical Design of 400 kV sub station columns and Beams, CBIP Proceedings of Annual session, March, 1978
  • Optimization of short Circuit Forces in Design of 400 kV Substation columns and Beams, Irrigation and Power Journal, April, 1984 :- Design Concept of 400 kV Bhiwani GSS
  • One & half breaker switching scheme layout plan for 400kV system:- for reference of engineers available in CBIP sub-station manual
  • Associated with Clinton Foundation for planning of various solar parks and identified lands for Bhadla and Jaiselmer solar parks. Thereafter in association with ADB team detailed planning was done for 3000 MW, 10000 hectares Bhadla Solar Park
  • In association with RVPN planned complete 400 kV Bhadla, Ramgarh Akel-2,400kV GSS Jodhpur (2) and associated 400kV 220 kV, 132kV transmission system for 3000 MW power evacuation system
  • Design and planning & Development of 400kV substation at Dehar Hydro Generating Station, 400kV Panipat GSS, 400kV Bhiwani GSS, 400 kV Jodhpur GSS, 400 kV Merta GSS and their design is followed in other 400 kV GSS in Rajasthan



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