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Our services

Solar Plants : Solar Parks: Wind Farms :Turnkey EPC of 33kV.132kV ,220kV,400kV Transmission Lines & Grid Sub-stations : Load Flow and System Studies : Finance Assistance : Land : Power Evacuation : Open Access : Solar Plant AC & DC Design, Protection , Earthing ,Lightning Design: Solar Plant EPC, :O and M of plants , REC: Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Sale and purchase of Plants & Company, Registration SLSC,SLEC and Statuary approvals Section 68, CTE,CTO, Electrical Inspector ,RVPN Bay coordination and allotment etc


We are

  • Solar Power Plant Consultants in Jaipur , Rajasthan
  • Solar Power Plant Expert in India
  • Solar Power ADVISERS in India
  • Solar Energy experts in  Jaipur
  • Renewable Energy Power Plants Expert
  • Power Evacuation Expert for Renewable Energy Power plants in Rajasthan
  • Design and Planning Experts of transmission lines for Solar plants
  • Consultant for Power Evacuation System planning in Rajasthan
  • Expert in Solar energy transmission lines India
  • 400KV GSS consultants for Mega Solar parks
  • 400KV GSS Design , Planning and Procurement consultants
  • 220kV KV GSS , 132kV Design , Planning and Procurement Consultants
  • Solar Park Development expert
  • Consultant for Open Access of Energy for third Party sale
  • Consultant for Open Excess of Energy from Captive plant
  • Expert in Consultancy services for Solar plant
  • Metering Energy and Planning Expert
  • Substation Bay Design Expert
  • Expert in Switching Scheme Planning for EHV GSS
  • Solution Provider for Problems for Solar plant , Power Evacuations
  • Wind , Solar Policy Expert
  • Legal Expert for PPA , Land allotment , Power Evacuation
  • Expert in Regulatory Rules and Codes applicable in Rajasthan

Please also contact for

  • All type of Consultancy services for 100-5000 MW Solar Park in Rajasthan
  • All type of Consultancy services for 100-500 MW Solar Plants in Rajasthan
  • Open Access of Solar Power from third party sale plant
  • Open Access of solar Energy for captive solar plant
  • Banking of solar energy under Open Access
  • Feasibility Study for Captive plant
  • Feasibility Study for purchase of Energy from third party solar Plant
  • Technical specification of Solar plant
  • Bidding Documents and Evaluation of Bids and Contract agreement of solar plant
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • 400 kV, 220kV, 132kV GSS design for Solar park
  • 400 kV, 220kV, 132 kV GSS Bidding document , Bid evaluation and Contract agreement
  • Local representation in for Solar plants in Rajasthan
  • Local representation in for Solar Parks in Rajasthan, India
  • All type of consultancy  for Mega Solar park in Rajasthan
  • Land purchase assistance  for Solar Plant in Rajasthan
  • Land purchase assistance for solar park in Rajasthan
  • Consultancy for Wind farm in Rajasthan
  • consultant for solar park in Rajasthan
  • Project report for solar power plants
  • Project report For Solar Park
  • All types of assistance for Wind farms from RRECL
  • All types of assistance for Solar plants from RRECL
  • All types of approvals from STU, Discoms
  • Project Registration , Approvals , NOCs, Commissioning Committees for Solar plants
  • Registration , Approvals , NOCs, for Mega Solar Park
  • Power Evacuation planning and approvals of Solar park
  • Power Evacuation Planning and approvals for Solar plants
  • All types of Rules and Regulations applicable for Solar plant and Solar parks
  • Coordination with RRECL , RVPNL, Discoms , Power Grid , MNRE etc
  • Mini Grids
  • Load flow Studies, System Studies

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